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Time To Train's
F+A+M Training Club
Fitness + Accountability +
Monthly Group Coaching
4 Weeks
September 7th - October 1ST

Total Body Strengthening
at Home
with a mat and weights
➢ Progressive Weekly
Training Plan 
 ➢ Rep-by-Rep, Warm Up & Cool Down Videos
Support & Accountability 
in Community

 ➢ ThreE strength trainings a week

 ➢ Two Optional cardio Challenge days a week

 ➢ PRIVATE group forum

 ➢ Can be done in about 30-40 minutes a day

➢ No gym required

➢ Daily checK-ins to keep           you accountable


➢ Support from me and other     members in the group



Accomplish and learn exercises that can progress you towards your fitness goals. 

Come Join Me and the F+A+M Training team!


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